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What are the major categories of handicrafts?

发布时间: 2016-11-08

        Craft, calligraphy and architecture all belong to practical art. Their practical value and aesthetic value are unified. They all focus on table e68a84e8a2ade799bee5baa631332636364 to show people's subjective feelings, subjective world, and show people's character and spiritual feelings. In form, they all occupy a certain space, so they are classified as expressive space art.

        Handicraft has both practical value and aesthetic value. It refers to the daily necessities with aesthetic characteristics in shape and color. Including daily utensils, furniture, clothing, environmental layout, etc., which are all practical technology. As a unique art, craft has its own law of special beauty. In general, crafts do not imitate or reproduce objective objects. Even if some handicrafts adopt realistic themes, such as flowers and grass, birds and animals, and fish and insects, what they pursue is not the precise modeling of the objects. Instead, they often make the objects patterned and decorated through exaggeration, deformation and other artistic techniques. In this way, they can create something symbolic, or reflect some abstract, broad and hazy feelings The art of feeling the atmosphere. This shows that the craft is a kind of universal performance art. In addition to practical use, people are mainly used to beautify the environment, enrich spiritual life and cultivate sentiment. This is the law of special beauty of technology.

        Craft beauty focuses on the harmony of form factors such as line, color, form and structure, and emphasizes form beauty. It mainly follows the law of formal beauty, and its shape has a decisive significance. The design and manufacture of furniture crafts must follow the law of formal beauty. In furniture design and manufacturing, symmetry can set off a serious and complete atmosphere. An asymmetrical balance can show liveliness and fluency. White or cold color, strong or harmonious contrast, high and low center of gravity, straight line and curve modeling can form a colorful style. As handicraft is closely related to people's daily life, it plays an irreplaceable role in cultivating people's aesthetic consciousness. Generally speaking, the more advanced society is, the more developed practical technology will be.

        There is also a pure arts and crafts for enjoyment, which is evolved from practical arts and crafts, such as ivory carving, shell carving, clay sculpture, etc. Some of them are still called handicrafts because they still retain the appearance of practical handicrafts, such as some gold and silver instruments. Some of them have completely lost the characteristics of practical handicrafts and become pure artistic creation, such as ivory carving and jade carving, which are no longer within the scope of practical art.