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C&I Crafts Co.,Limited Quanzhou

C&I Crafts, there is a factory with an annual turnover of 5 millions has more than 15years experience in export. We are specialized in producing Decorative Metal Crafts of Home & Garden Accessories,such as clocks, mirrors, wall art, hooks, coat holders, candle holders, bells, pot holders, furniture, wine holders and so on.C&I has been upholding the customer first, superior service,which leads to achieve great success in the market of North America & European.


  • 01 Promoting the "Internet plus" Quanzhou handicraft industrys Leaping Development

    Southeast.com oct.30 (Pan Xianli correspondent Wu Yibin) China tea set city (phase I), located in Sanban Town, Dehua County, opened for trial operation; a platform rookie park for young ceramic artists who started their business in Dehua has gathered dozens of young ceramic artists... ...

  • 02 What are the major categories of handicrafts?

    Craft, calligraphy and architecture all belong to practical art. Their practical value and aesthetic value are unified. They all focus on table e68a84e8a2ade799bee5baa631332636364 to show peoples subjective feelings, subjective world, and show peoples character and spiritual feelings....

  • 03 Thinking topic: the historical development of Chinese traditional crafts

    ​In its long history of five thousand years, China has gradually formed a broad and profound traditional Chinese culture with a long history, which is beyond doubt. However, some people say that Chinese traditional culture is already "sunset culture"... ...