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Promoting the "Internet plus" Quanzhou handicraft industrys Leaping Development

发布时间: 2016-11-11 oct.30 (Pan Xianli correspondent Wu Yibin) China tea set city (phase I), located in Sanban Town, Dehua County, opened for trial operation; a platform rookie park for young ceramic artists who started their business in Dehua has gathered dozens of young ceramic artists; 2018 China (Hui'an) International Sculpture Art Expo will be held in Hui'an sculpture art and Culture Park... ...

        "At present, Quanzhou has built 12 industrial parks of Arts and crafts, including sculpture art, ceramic products, rattan iron technology, incense products, resin crafts, etc. The infrastructure of the park is complete, which creates good conditions for the leapfrog development of Quanzhou craft products industry. " Said Cai Wenxiong, deputy director of Quanzhou City collective industry association.

        It is understood that China tea set city is a key construction project in Fujian Province, with the advantage of Dehua Ceramic Tea Set occupying 80% of the country's production area. The planned construction area is 1200 mu, with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. It is composed of professional market, conference center, museum, e-commerce, exhibition center, headquarters building and other functional areas. The first phase of the project covers 292 mu with a construction area of 350000 m2 and a total investment of 600 million yuan. The construction started in 2015. More than 200 enterprises and businesses from all over the country have settled in. An international professional tea market integrating tea wholesale, exhibition, retail, e-commerce, logistics, scientific research, training, creation and industrial chain has been initially formed, becoming the largest tea industry distribution center in China Land and ceramic culture, cultural and creative industry characteristic window.

        Hui'an carving art and culture creation park is located in the core area of "the hometown of Chinese carving art" and "the capital of world stone carving". The first phase of the exhibition center of "the capital of world stone carving", the gathering area of master studios and the world stone carving park covering 680 Mu have been basically completed. At present, it is striving to build an International Sculpture Exhibition Park along the established direction of "south, East and North exhibitions".

        According to Cai Wenxiong, after the rapid development in recent years, the arts and crafts industry in Quanzhou has formed large-scale arts and crafts characteristic areas and industrial clusters such as sculpture, ceramics, rattan iron, incense products, resin and other crafts. "Quanzhou has set up 15 public service platforms for arts and crafts, 3 international professional expositions, 7 professional markets, 6 professional e-commerce parks, 7 industry associations, and gradually built itself into a distribution center for sculpture, ceramics, rattan iron, incense products and other arts and crafts products in the whole province, the whole country and the world."

        In addition, Quanzhou City has accelerated the construction of modern and specialized technology products market, invested more than 6 billion yuan successively, built and improved the specialized market, and created a pulling effect for the development of Quanzhou technology products industry. It is understood that since the "Internet plus" was launched in depth, 8 enterprises in Quanzhou have been included in the two provincial integration projects in 2017, and 15 enterprises have been included in the two key integration projects of the provincial level in 2018.